My Passion & How I Inspire

I have worked as a tutor alongside my studies for the past year, having felt it was a particularly attractive job to take up. My mother is a primary school teacher, and during my teenage years I often volunteered to help in her classes when I had the spare time. I have always enjoyed supporting the learning of others, feeling especially committed to finding an appropriate explanation for the needs of the student in question. This is what brings me to tutoring.

My background in drama and performance helps me to feel comfortable in the role of tutor. I am confident in being able to engage students of all sorts, particularly through the use of humour and playfulness. Getting the right balance of light-heartedness and focus is crucial to a positive and productive learning environment.

My Experience

Tutored an 11-year-old in a variety of subjects, and a 14-year-old in mathematics only. This requires communicating concepts clearly, employing a range of techniques and approaches, in order to aid understanding.

Also worked briefly with a 16-year-old boy with dyslexia on mathematics. Researched the specific learning needs of a student with dyslexia, particularly with reference to maths, in order to ensure I could provide appropriate and helpful explanations.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Drama
  • Drama - A-Level
  • Drama - GCSE
  • Drama - Undergraduate
  • Economics
  • Economics - A-Level
  • Economics - GCSE
  • Economics - Undergraduate
  • French
  • French - A-Level
  • French - GCSE
  • French - Undergraduate
  • Law
  • Law - A-Level
  • Law - GCSE
  • Law - Undergraduate
  • Maths
  • Maths - A-Level
  • Maths - GCSE
  • Maths - Undergraduate
  • Theatre Studies
  • Theatre Studies - A-Level
  • Theatre Studies - GCSE
  • Theatre Studies - Undergraduate

My Qualifications

RADA and Birkbeck

MA Text and Performance (Pending)

University of Oxford

BA Law with French Law (2i)

Reading School

Maths (A*)

Further Maths (A)

French (A)

Economics (A*)

Theatre Studies (A)

Deputy Head Boy

Deputy Head of House

My Reviews

"Cameron has been a reliable and attentive tutor to my two sons. He has offered us flexibility and willingness to accommodate our family schedule which has been very helpful. Both my sons have a good relationship with Cameron, he treats them as individuals and adjusts his approach to their specific educational needs. He communicates ideas clearly and thoroughly which enables my sons to understand the topics they are covering, and encourages independent thought. This has helped my sons gain a solid foundation of knowledge of the subjects they have been studying, as well as confidence in discussing their own thoughts and viewpoints. Cameron is also very pleasant to have around, he is charming and helpful."

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I was in the Oxford Revue, a sketch comedy group, and performed for a month in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival!