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    My Experience

    I have engaged in a range of informal tutoring and teaching, some examples include the following:

    – During my third year of university, I co-lead tutor groups for first-year undergraduate social work students in various sociology and direct social work practice subjects. This included teaching exam preparation and essay writing skills.

    – In my current work place I have provided functional ESOL lessons and one-to-one academic essay writing sessions with clients whose first language is not English.

    – In other positions I have co-facilitated a psychoeducation group for parents of teenagers which involved utilising psycho-social theory to help parents understand their childrens’ behaviour and how to manage using engaging activities while linking back to parents’ personal experiences. I have also delivered staff training on trauma and attachment informed practice and psychosocial assessment.

    – I have supervised volunteers and social work students on direct practice work on specifi projects.

    Subjects I teach

    Undergraduate level social work, mental health, sociology, human rights, humanities and direct practice/assessment related subjects. I have completed a small scale qualitative research study for my honours qualification and received a distinction so I can help tutor for something similar.
    I can also help with general essay writing and exam preparation skills for any subject, particularly with people whose first language is not english.

    My Qualifications

    I completed my Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) with a minor in Mental Health from The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 2017. I finished my degree with first class honours and a GPA of 6.8/7 and received four Dean’s Commendation Awards. I have always been passionate about education and making the most of my learning so I was also the year level representative for my University’s social work student committee.

    My International Placements

    I have worked in Australia and travelled to the UK for work. I am also planning to work in Greece in the humanitarian/refugee sector when my visa in the UK ends.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I was inspired to be a social worker when I was about 13 years old and my teacher showed our class these videos about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Knowing human rights abuses still existed, I wanted to have a career where I could aid in prevention and/or seek justice for such abuses.

    I was inspired to become a tutor as it’s a great way to share mutual passion and learning. Fitting with the underpinning values of social work, I believe everyone should have access to education that is empowering, person-centred and self-determining, ensuring that people are able to develop their learning in a way that works for them.

    Fun fact

    I have visited 31 countries in the past year and half to make the most of my time in the UK! I’ve got plenty of cheap travel tips up my sleeve that I love to share! 🙂

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