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My Experience

My first contact with the world of tutoring came at the age of 15, when I began teaching students met through mutual friends on an ad hoc basis. Since starting university back in 2017, I have become increasingly invested in the profession, and have to date supported pupils in their studies of Maths, Economics, Accounting, Finance, and Business, up to and including Degree level, as well as offering guidance on university applications and entrance assessments.

Subjects I teach

Mathematics: 11+ to A-Level
Further Mathematics: to A-Level
Economics: GCSE to Undergraduate level
Statistics: GCSE to Undergraduate level
Accounting and Finance: GCSE to Undergraduate level
Business: GCSE and A-Level
University Admissions

My Qualifications

Clifton College Headmaster’s Scholar
Clifton College 100% Academic Bursary (following outstanding performance in Scholarship examinations)
John James Foundation Award (outstanding overall academic performance)
2016 & 2017 A-Level Economics Prize (top student of a 63-student cohort)
2017 House Team Debating Champion
2016 Bristol Schools Further Mathematics Team Competition Champion

BSc Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science

Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics, Physics (Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A*)

AS Level:
Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics, IT – AAAA

11A*, 2A

My Passion And How I Inspire

My inspiration stems from the view that, with the right guidance and mindset, a student’s potential for achievement in uncapped. I believe that the education cannot possibly cater sufficiently to the unique needs of every individual, resulting in unexplored talent. I derive strong satisfaction from witnessing and actively contributing to a student’s progression and their development of self-confidence as they gradually reach new heights. I place strong emphasis on mindset, which I consider to be the spark that will keep the pupil engaged and hungry for improvement.

Fun fact

I’ve been on the front page of the newspaper!

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