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    My Experience

    Employer: Online Tutoring (3 months).
    I tutor Spanish to an AQA GCSE student and Biology to an AQA A-Level student.

    Employer: Spanish Ministry of Education via the British Council (1 year).
    I spent 1 academic year at a bilingual secondary school in Spain. I acted as a teaching assistant in lessons for 13-16 year old students. These lessons, including mathematics, history, geography and physical education were primarily conducted in English. I also held my own mathematics tutor groups for small groups of students and delivered a number of presentations in English on diverse topics to students in various classes.

    Employer: Hornsby House School (2 months).
    At a private primary school I worked with small groups of struggling pupils to improve their skills in reading and mathematics, prepared the classrooms, supervised break times, coached cricket and created displays of work.

    Employer: Self-Employed (6 months).
    I taught English to Spanish professionals with an industry/ role/ exam focus. Some of my clients included: an architect looking to emigrate to the US and wanted to improve his architectural vocabulary; an aspiring history teacher; an English teacher who wanted to improve her spoken English; a couple who wanted to improve their conversational English for travelling abroad. I also gave pro bono lessons to a low-skilled farm worker. My tutoring sessions included: grammar workshops, helping to prepare for exams, assisting with coursework assignments, and relaxed conversational classes.

    Employer: Charterhouse school (1 month).
    I worked with small groups of young Chinese exchange students on a summer programme to teach them English and other skills.

    Subjects I teach

    Spanish GCSE / A-Level
    Biology GCSE / A-Level
    Chemistry GCSE
    Personal Statement
    Medicine interviews

    My Qualifications

    2019-Present King’s College London
    Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery MBBS

    2018-2019 Westminster Kingsway College
    A Level: Biology (A), Chemistry (A).

    2018 CFA Society
    CFA UK Level 4 Certificate in Investment Management: Pass

    2012-2016 University College London
    Spanish and Management Studies: 1:1 (The only person on my course to achieve this and consistently in top 3 in examination cohort).

    2006-2011 Charterhouse School
    Cambridge Pre-U: Spanish (Distinction 2), Economics (Distinction 2), History (Distinction 3). (D2 equivalent in UCAS points to A* at A-Level, D3 equivalent to A).
    IGCSE: French (A*), Spanish (A*), English (A*), History (A*), Religious Studies (A*), Biology (A*), Physics (A*), Mathematics (A) Chemistry (A).

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Where did my passion start with the subject and how I was inspired?

    -My passion for Spanish developed when I lived in Spain for 1 year. As I developed my language skills, I came to appreciate that learning a language is more than an academic pursuit. Living in rural Andalucía that year, and later returning for 4 months to work in finance in Madrid brought me new perspectives which broadened my outlook on life.

    -My passion for biology started at school, where I was fascinated with the human body. Throughout my 1st degree and my 2 years of working in finance, I developed an interest in areas of human health including exercise, nutrition and psychology. In 2018 I decided to quit a graduate scheme in investment management to become a doctor in order to pursue my interests as a career.

    -My passion for chemistry began when I started studying for A-Level in 2018. What at school had been a dry and uninteresting subject for me, became more compelling when I realised that chemistry underlies the workings of the entire universe: from the formation of the galaxies down to the reactions within the cells of our bodies. I also learned that chemistry is not as hard as it initially seems and that, with due effort and diligence, it can be a very rewarding subject.

    What inspires me to tutor?
    I am inspired to tutor by the satisfaction which I have gained from helping others to understand and improve their abilities in a subject, as well as the enjoyment which I gain from sharing my interest in a subject. The letters which I received from my Spanish students at the end of the academic year are some of my most treasured possessions.

    How do I inspire my students?
    Spanish, biology and chemstry all have immediate practical applications.. I like to inspire students by demonstrating that an investment of time in these subjects can yield benefits for one’s own life enjoyment and career success.

    For example:
    -An understanding of Spanish enables the ability to converse in the second most widely spoken language by native speakers.
    -An understanding of biology is critical for understanding and maintaining your own health and wellbeing.
    -An understanding of chemistry is needed for all further studies of science and medicine and a little understanding goes a long way.

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    Fun fact

    I once ran 50 miles and went to school the next day!

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