My Passion & How I Inspire

My passion for medicine began when I first realised the extent of good you could do through the knowledge attained in the field of medicine. It was clear to me that pursuit of a career in medicine would allow me to not only broaden the horizons of my thinking but would also allow me to build and shape skills that can permeate through to all areas of life. I was inspired by the numerous doctors I came into contact with, as well as the patients I met from whom I realised the feeling of reward that comes from helping others to become better, whether that is physically or mentally.

Being a medical student there are many overlaps between providing healthcare and tutoring. The key aspects of good communication, punctuality, organisation and planning remain essential to both fields. Besides this, teaching is an important skill that we are taught how to do as medical students in order to pass on our knowledge to the next generation. I believe is it essential to pass on what I have learnt and been taught and hence I find inspiration to tutor not just from all that I have been taught but also from the students I teach. Helping my students grow and achieve their potential is as rewarding as helping a patient get better.

I approach each student individually as each individual will find inspiration from different sources. There is no universal way to inspire a student, so it is more about tailoring my teaching to keep the student motivated and allowing them to find inspiration from what they achieve and are able to learn.

My Experience

I have previously tutored a variety of students over the past 5 years in order to help them attain a place at medical school which involved tutoring them for their UCAT examination as well as preparing them for medical school interviews. I have also helped individuals attain a place at university for their desired subject of study by helping them tailor their personal statements accordingly. For the last 7 years I have helped numerous students with personal statement writing ranging from courses such as Medicine and Natural Sciences to Aerospace Engineering and Economics. Within medical school I have tutored my peers on different medical topics in preparation for examinations.

Subjects That I Teach


My Qualifications

Preston Manor High School (Head Boy):

Mathematics • A Level • A

English Literature • A Level • A*

Chemistry • A Level • A

Biology • A Level • A

Computing and ICT • GCSE • A

History • GCSE • A

Religious Studies • GCSE • A*

German • GCSE • A*

English Literature • GCSE • A*

English Language • GCSE • A*

Physics • GCSE • A*

Mathematics • GCSE • A*

Chemistry • GCSE • A*

Biology • GCSE • A*

Imperial College London:

Neuroscience & Mental Health BSc 2:1(Hons)

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I like to do calisthenics three times a week at 5am and I’m learning to swim so that I can deep dive in the great barrier reef one day.