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    My Experience

    Medical Society Tutor – Medicine applications
    (September 2017 – March 2018)

    Duties included:
    Helping lower sixth students starting to write their personal statements
    Re-enacting possible interview questions
    Practicing UKCAT and BMAT Questions
    Giving out tips and tricks learned from experience

    Private GCSE Mathematics Tutor
    (September – December 2017)

    Duties included:
    Private tutoring GCSE Maths to a girl aged 15
    Helping out with homework
    Explaining topics that seemed problematic
    Giving extra resources for her to do after sessions
    Homework help for twins aged 10 – Middle Years Program (Pre-IB)
    (September – December 2017)

    Duties included:
    Helping out two girls aged 10 with homework between 6pm and 8pm
    Giving quality time to each girl, making sure both received the attention they needed
    Making sure the tutees were understanding the topics of the homework they were doing across a wide range of subjects – including sciences, humanities and arts
    Explaining and giving out extra resources on topics each individual was not sure about

    Science tutor at the International School of Geneva – GCSE
    (September 2015– June 2016)

    Duties included:
    Helping children aged 10-13 with chemistry, biology, physics and maths
    Responsibility of classes between 20 and 30 students
    Clearing up and locking the class when finished

    Subjects I teach

    Biology, Chemistry and Geography – up to IB Higher Level
    Mathematics – up to IB Standard Level
    Italian – for anyone taking courses for foreigners
    Medicine applications – UKCAT, BMAT, Interview tips and personal statements

    My Qualifications

    Ardingly College, United Kingdom
    International Baccalaureate -2018: 42 points
    Chemistry Higher Level – 7
    Biology Higher Level – 7
    Geography Higher Level – 7
    Maths Standard Level – 7
    Italian B Standard Level – 7
    English Literature Standard Level – 5
    Medicine Prize (The Bunty Godwin Cup) – 2018: awarded to recognize the achievement of an Ardingly College pupil who is looking to pursue a career within the medical professions or in medical research

    Geneva International School, Switzerland
    Certificate of distinction (Prix D’Excellence): for distinguished academic achievement during the 2015/2016 school year

    Deledda International School, Italy
    Italian state exam (2011) – GCSE equivalent

    English – fluent
    Italian – fluent
    French – school level

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I have both had experience tutoring and being a tutee myself and I have found that the most important part of tutoring sessions is being able to create an immediate trusting relationship with a tutee in order for them to open up about their academic problems. This allows for the tutor to be able to ask directed questions at the areas that the tutee finds concerning and tackle them as soon as possible, making sure not to waste any valuable time. To do so, it is necessary to be patient, kind and clear with the questions asked.
    Also, very important, is understanding what method of teaching and studying the tutee is used to and evaluating whether that method works or is best for him/her. This will allow me, as his/her tutor, to shape my tutoring lessons in a way that the tutee can best retain the knowledge taught.
    When I tutor, what I think is necessary for the tutee to keep wanting to learn and engage with the lessons is making lessons interactive. I do so involving the student in the teaching process by asking questions and in the understanding process by bringing material that the tutee can practice on. Equally important is to be able to reward the tutee effectively, in order to keep his/her motivation high.
    In terms of techniques, I am lucky enough to have a lot of material as I have just finished school myself. Being a very studious student, I passed hours researching for extra material on the subjects I teach and these will be invaluable to my tutees in terms of understanding the subject better and practicing during and post-tutoring sessions.

    Fun fact

    I have studied in three different countries in the past 4 years!

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