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My Experience

Over five years teaching experience as a tutor and classroom teacher.
Qualified primary school teacher with experience teaching across all age ranges (Y1-Y6) in both the state and independent sector.
Lessons graded Outstanding during internal and external inspections by colleagues, OFSTED, the Local Authority and the London Diocesan Board.
OFSTED quoted me in their final report when I was only three months qualified: Quality of Teaching Resources are well constructed and are used to make explanations clear, increase enjoyment, and support pupils in understanding new learning quickly. For example, in a Year 5 history lesson about Ancient Egyptian religion and culture, pupils were fascinated by photographs of Egyptian gods and tombs. These rapidly engaged pupils. They were highly engaged with the imagery of Ancient Egypt and the music from this period. OFSTED 2012.
Phonics trained Phase 1-6.
Head of Mathematics at Holy Trinity School, Sloane Square.
Leader of Mathematics Mastery (Singapore & Shanghai approach to mathematics, which emphasises a deep understanding of number rather than a broad, superficial knowledge of learnt procedures).
Moderator Y2 SATs (National Test) English & Mathematics across The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.
Mentor to student teachers during their training (alongside Roehampton University Tutors).
Provided whole school Mathematics training to support staff in implementing the new national curriculum changes (2014)
Experience teaching SEND children (auditory processing, visual impairment, global delay, autism, ADHD, dyslexia)
Experience teaching EAL children (English as an Additional Language)
Previous experience working as a nanny.


I would like to thank you for the help you have given to Kaylum. Kaylum needed a teacher to give him time, confidence and understanding to shine. Kaylum has come on so far from the start of the year; it has been amazing for me to watch and that has been down to you as a teacher and a person, so again, I thank you.

Thank you for everything you have done for Arabella this year. You have done a fabulous job. She has progressed tremendously and has really enjoyed having you as her teacher.

Thank you for enhancing Idris’s passion and love for learning. Thank you for knowing Idris so well that you recognised when he was lying regarding homework recall when his parents didn’t even know! Thank you for knowing Idris’s specific traits i.e. jokes, rushes work, and love of maths and chess etc. Thank you for writing Idris’s report at such short notice with such warmth and genuiness and knowledge of him. Thank you for being so genuine, caring, honest and sweet. You are a wonderful/outstanding teacher and so passionate about all the children. Idris has loved having you as his teacher. We truly appreciate all that you have done and contributed to Idris’s education and life. Thank you for being you!

Subjects I teach

4+ All Subjects
7+ All Subjects
8+ All Subjects
11+ All Subjects
Homework assistance

My Qualifications

PGCE General Primary University of Cambridge (Hughes Hall) 2012

My Passion And How I Inspire

I have a kind manner with children and a genuine interest in them. I am passionate about opening up the world to young people, developing them as thinkers but also equipping them with basic skills ready for the next step in learning. I quickly develop positive and trusting relationships with pupils and while I am approachable, I make clear my expectations. I am committed to motivating students to do their best and extend their own personal limits. I believe that all children can succeed given the right opportunities.

In consultation with parent(s) and pupil, I create a unit of outcomes, tailored to individual need, attainable in a given timeframe. I make sure I plan varied and stimulating activities to meet achievable objectives. I use resources creatively to help visualise and communicate my own thinking and I encourage children to use concrete aids to help share theirs. I constantly use questioning to extend pupils thinking and to ensure a deep understanding of concepts. Praise is always specific to achievement so that pupils know exactly what they excelled in and how to continue succeeding.  I have a strong understanding of summative and formative assessment and always incorporate this into my planning, which I view to be a ‘working document’. If a child was asked what they remembered about me, I hope that they would say, “Annalise really believed in me and it changed the way I thought about myself.”

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Fun fact

As a child, I danced in the Royal Albert Hall and performed alongside Cliff Richard!

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