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    My Experience

    I have started my tutoring career from tutoring Maths at GCSE level to a group of 4 students. Then I have moved on to one-to-one tutoring. I have taught IB/A-Level Biology and Chemistry to multiple students. One of them has achieved a score 3 points higher than predicted (IB)! I have also previously taught Russian writing and literature to mostly younger students, who have learned how to write (both print and cursive) and most importantly, have grown to love Russian poetry and fairy tales written by classical authors.

    Subjects I teach

    Biology A-Level/IB
    Chemistry A-Level/IB
    Math GCSE
    Russian GCSE
    Biochemistry (Higher Education)
    Genetics (Higher Education)

    My Qualifications

    I have completed my secondary education in Kyiv International School with both an American High School Diploma with Honors and a Bilingual International Baccalaureate Diploma awarded. I have received a 7 for Higher Level Biology and 6 for Higher Level Russian and Literature. I have been an active member of my school’s society. I have been a part of the High School Student Council, President of the Art Honor Society, one of the organizers of the TEDxYouth at my school.
    After the graduating from high school, I have entered King’s College London, where I am currently studying Biochemistry at an undergraduate level, with a first predicted and received after the first year of my studies.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I have developed my passion for the sciences early during my high school years, when I’ve realized how logical and precise, but at the same time beautiful and fascinating those subjects are. At the same time, I have begun to teach my peers in order for them to stay on track with their grades and that is when I understood that teaching is something that I am great at. The following years, I have spent learning a lot more about Biology and Chemistry; furthermore, I have developed a great passion for Russian literature (both poetry and prose).
    I try to inspire my students by providing as many examples from the real life application of life/natural sciences in order for them to understand how fascinating, but at the same time, vital they are in our every day life. I try to learn more about the interests of my students to find the best teaching approach possible, because throughout my experience, I have understood that tutoring is a two-way job, where both of the parties should show great levels of motivation to reach a successful outcome.

    Fun fact

    I have written a 50,000 word utopian novel in a span of 30 days!

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