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    My Experience

    I have experience teaching Numerical and Financial subjects to students from both Numerical and Non-numerical academic background, as a private tutor and as a Visitor lecturer at University.
    My students are professionals, postgraduates, Undergraduate or preparing for A-Level.

    Subjects I teach

    CFA Exam preparation (All modules)
    Excel Modelling
    Banking & Finance (Undergraduate/Postgraduate)
    Corporate Finance
    Financial Reporting Analysis
    Equity (Asset/Project) valuation
    Fixed Income
    Financial Derivatives
    Statistics & Econometrics (Undergraduate)

    My Qualifications

    Engineering in Statistics, specialty: Finance and Actuarial Science (Merit)
    MSc Banking & International Finance (Merit)- Cass Business School-London (ranked
    4th in UK by the FT)
    Econometrics: London School of Economics (LSE).

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Catching Student interest to convey the information is primordial. This helps students to quickly understand the topic, engrave it in the long term memory, and apply it in different contexts and scenarios.
    To catch students interst, I use my experience As analyst and challenges I face on daily basis to give examples that explain the theory.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    When I feel tired, I go to the gym to recharge my energy!

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