Angharad G-C

My Passion & How I Inspire

I have what I like to call an ‘integrative’ approach to tutoring – I like to shape my approach and style to the individual characteristics and needs of the pupil. I have a personable style to my tutoring, as I like the pupil to feel as safe and comfortable as possible to let down their guard and feel at ease with me and thus their learning. That, and making my sessions interesting and diverse, is how, in my experience, pupils learn most effectively. I like to set aims and targets with my pupils (although this depends somewhat on their age and purpose for tutoring) so we both know where we would like to, and what we would like to achieve. I want my pupils to look forward to their sessions with me, as that is how they will get the most out of their sessions and start to gain confidence in whatever subject(s) we are focusing on. Confidence, patience and enthusiasm are key to effective and focused learning, and that is how I like to leave my pupils feeling after each session.

My Experience

I am a professional tutor specialising in English, Music, and Drama. Having started tutoring mid- way through my first degree, I now have over five years of experience. I have taught pupils between the ages of 7 and 45 across a range of arts subjects up to A2 level: I cannot record all of my experience here, but my record of tuition should give a sense of what I have covered recently.

Record of Tuition:

July - Ongoing 2017 - TEFL

I am currently tutoring a a 12 year old Chinese boy English as a language, as well as literature, as I want to get him familiar with as many texts as possible before he begins at Eton in September. He is immensely intelligent and hard-working and tutoring him his a complete joy.

May 2017 - GSCE

I tutored a GCSE student from Winchester who was incredibly bright in Maths and Science, but had no idea where to begin on essay structuring and analysing. We made some real breakthroughs and I believe his exam technique and confidence would have grown significantly from our revision sessions.

May 2017 - GCSE

I tutored a GCSE student from Eton who was clearly very academic with ADHD, so remaining concentrated for longer than short stings was a real challenge for him. I kept the classes changeable and active, which kept him engaged and energised and we managed to get through a great deal of required revision.

September - June 2016 -2017 - A LEVEL

I tutored a girl aged 19 the whole A Level English Literature syllabus for her to have completed by June 2017. We worked really well together and had a great level of communication.

October - April 2016 -2017 - EXTRA HOMEWORK AND DYSLEXIA HELP

I tutored a girl aged 5 year old who was dyslexic and struggled greatly with concentration in class. I made teaching more accessible and enjoyable for her, and her mother would inform me that she started receiving much better weekly reports for both behaviour and work in her classes.

October - May 2015 - 2016 - TEFL

I tutored English as a foreign language to a French woman aged 24. Upon arriving in England she spoke very little English and was asked by her company to take English lessons. We worked together twice a week for ninety minutes and she can now speak advanced English confidently.


I helped a thirteen year old girl with her application to Marlborough College as well as her general preparation for 13+. This involved structuring homework and revision as well as coming up with exercises that stretch beyond the curriculum such as going to the theatre and exhibitions. She was awarded a place at Marlborough and achieved an average of 83% in her mock examinations.

June – September, 2015 - TEFL

I taught English as a foreign language to a 45 year old Chinese woman over the summer in preparation for English exams in the autumn. My qualification in music provided a great way into English: Mandarin is a language that focuses on the ear and so I sought to explain English through its sounds. She achieved a merit in her exams and now has a full time job in the city.

March – June, 2015 - GCSE

I helped a girl with her English Language and Literature and Theatre Studies GCSEs, focusing on how to read texts and structure responses. She responded particularly well to thinking about all literature as texts to be performed so we performed poems and plays aloud. She achieved A*s in English Literature and Theatre Studies and an A in English Language.

February – May, 2015 - GCSE (SCHOOL)

I taught drama to students aged 16-18 at West Side School, Harrow Road. The school gives students who have been rejected from the state system an opportunity to take their GCSEs. The experience was challenging, but rewarding and all the students that chose to take Drama achieved a C grade or above.


Subjects That I Teach

  • Creative Writing
  • Creative Writing - Undergraduate
  • Creative Writing - 11+
  • Drama
  • Drama - Undergraduate
  • Drama - 11+
  • English
  • English - Undergraduate
  • English - 11+
  • Public Speaking
  • Public Speaking - Undergraduate
  • Public Speaking - 11+
  • Theatre Studies
  • Theatre Studies - Undergraduate
  • Theatre Studies - 11+

My Qualifications


Marlborough College, 2004-2007

GCSE Grades: 2A*, 4A, 5B

Millfield School, 2007-2009

A2 Level Grades: English Language and Literature A, Theatre Studies A, Music B

Brighton Institution of Modern Music, 2010-2011 Distinction in my Professional Diploma in singing. 100 % across all modules.

University of Sussex

BA in English Literature and Drama. High 2.1

TEFL Qualification

My Video Introduction

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