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    My Experience

    I am scientist by training, with over 8 years of practical hands-on experience. I have worked as a postdoctoral associate at University College London (UCL) for over 3 years now, doing experimental research and mentoring students at different levels, ranging from high-school demonstrative placements to international visiting students receiving foundation levelling in biochemistry, molecular biology and translational research.
    Furthermore, my educational expertise is not limited to my role as an experimentalist. I have also privately provided tutoring in Chemistry, Computer Science (including coding in R package) and Spanish lessons to both teenagers and adults at degree level.
    Lastly, I have also volunteered assisting in the care of children affected by Down syndrome.

    Subjects I teach

    Statistics, R coding
    Spanish – native

    My Qualifications

    Ph.D. Cancer Biology. University of London, Institute of Cancer Research (ICR).
    M.Sc. Health & Disease (with merit). University of London, Birkbeck College (BBK).
    B.Sc. Biology (1st Class Hons, Cum Laude distinction). Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas-Venezuela.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I believe in structured yet dynamic and interactive learning, where patience and perseverance are key. Expect from me long-lasting understanding. Knowledge tends to fade out with time, specially if unused. Understanding on the other hand is virtually everlasting, it feeds from basic referential knowledge blocks and harbours the potential to feedback loop into building further solid knowledge. Just as an engaging engine. Finally, I personally have a hybrid visual-auditive memory, based on that principle I find handy to use visualisation and oratory techniques, and I consider the British library to be an inspirational place for learning.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    My daughter Maria Emilia holds 5 different passport nationalities. These are due to place of birth (UK) plus abroad generational inheritance, dual and non-overlapping from both of her parents!

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