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    My Experience

    3 years working as a teaching assistant and offering one-to-one support at Kumon Learning Centre and Westminster Academy.

    Subjects I teach

    Arabic Language all levels.
    Arabic Literature up to undergraduate level.

    My Qualifications

    2 A at A-Level (Arabic, French)

    36 IB points with 6 in Arabic L1, 6 in French HL and 6 in Maths SL.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My approach to private tuition is to plan my topic very thoroughly, in advance. This enables me to be efficient during the lesson and cover all the possible areas which my tutee needs support in.

    On the first meeting, I try to work with my student on identifying the most suitable method of learning.

    When assisting students in a particular problem, I prefer to ask my students questions that help guide them to the right answer without simply giving it to them.

    If a student feels intimidated by the subject, my goal is to eliminate the psychological barriers and restore their confidence in the subject and eventually make them passionate about it. To me, that is the ultimate reward.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I love the Korean Culture and have taught myself how to read Hangul (Korean alphabets)!

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