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    My Experience

    My teaching experience is largely based in the classroom. I have taught years 5 and 6 (ages 9-11) a range of subjects, most notably biology and geography, and have also acted as a teaching assistant in the chemistry department of a secondary school. The classroom is undoubtedly an exciting and fast-paced environment, but I am keen to develop a more personal relationship with students.

    I also have extensive experience in public outreach within my field of zoology. I have worked in a zoo and was required to give regular talks to the public to educate visitors about the animals. I have also participated in international education projects. I volunteered in Thailand as a visitor support worker at an elephant sanctuary, helping to inform visitors about the atrocities conducted against these magnificent animals, and have interned at a primate sanctuary on the Pacific coast of Panama. Here I was required to teach visitors about the varying ecology of different primate species, as well as the cruelty of the illegal pet trade. Further to this I have volunteered at the Grant Museum of Zoology at my university. The most notable example of this for me was during International Gibbon Week, as I find the conservation of endangered species to be a highly emotive issue.

    Subjects I teach

    Biology up to A-Level
    Chemistry up to A-Level

    My Qualifications

    First-class hons in BSc Zoology from University College London (UCL).

    4 As at A-level in Biology, Chemistry, French and Geography from The John Warner School in Hertfordshire, where I also received 8 A*s and 4 As at GCSE.

    Before university I attended two gifted-and-talented summer schools to study the Biological Sciences, one at Cambridge and one at Oxford.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My aim is to enthuse and empower all my students. I firmly believe that within each discipline there is something to interest everyone, which is why getting to know my students on a personal level is fundamental. In this way I can tailor my lessons to suit their interests where possible. It is important to me to make my lessons fun so that learning is not seen as a chore but rather something that is actively pursued; education is a truly wonderful and powerful tool. By fully supporting and guiding my tutees I hope to cultivate a sense of self-belief, so that when the time comes to sit an exam they are relaxed, confident in their abilities and feel able to answer the questions asked of them. I had some truly inspiring teachers during my time at school and understand just how great an impact the right tutor can have on your education; with a little encouragement, I believe all students can achieve their full potential.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I enjoy living in the jungle for long periods of time, despite the creepy crawlies. A tarantula tried to hitch a ride in my bag once!

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