Amalia T

My Passion & How I Inspire

Every person is different and learns best in a different way. By tutoring privately, I aim to adapt my teaching method to each student. I like to make my lessons as interactive as possible so I can make sure the students understand each concept we discuss before moving on. Thus, by teaching in small groups, I can achieve the best results by using the student's feedback to adjust the pace of our lessons.

My Experience

'- Tutor of Maths and Physics at GCSE, A-Level, IB and undergraduate level for 10 years.

- Maths Supervisor for the University of Cambridge.

- Secondary school teacher, preparing classes for Maths and Physics IGCSE.

- Official marker for STEP (university Mathematics admissions tests).

- Invigilator for the University of Cambridge.

- Public Engagement event leader for the Royal Society and University of Cambridge

Subjects That I Teach

  • MAT
  • Maths
  • Maths - A-Level
  • Maths - IB
  • Maths - GCSE
  • Maths - Undergraduate
  • Maths - Further
  • Physics
  • Physics - A-Level
  • Physics - IB
  • Physics - GCSE
  • Physics - Undergraduate
  • Physics - Further
  • Spanish
  • Spanish - A-Level
  • Spanish - IB
  • Spanish - GCSE
  • Spanish - Undergraduate
  • Spanish - Further

My Qualifications

'- PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge.

- Master's in Physical Sciences at UNCPBA, Argentina.

- Systems Engineer at UNCPBA, Argentina.

My Video Introduction