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    My Experience

    I have years of experience in tutoring private clients in French and Spanish, for pupils at schools such as University College School and City of London School for Girls. As such, I have a familiarity with Edexcel, AQA and OCR. Further to this, I spent two years volunteering with disadvantaged children in pursuit of academic success.


    “Allie was a brilliant A-Level Spanish tutor. My daughter always looked forward to her lessons and did really well in her exams.”

    Subjects I teach

    English to A-Level
    French to A-Level
    Spanish to A-Level
    History to GCSE
    Public Speaking
    Personal Statement Guidance

    My Qualifications

    I left University College School in 2012 with an A* and two As at A-Level and four As at A-Level (English Literature, French, Spanish and History). I have recently obtained a high 2:1 in Law from the University of Bristol. I was awarded an academic scholarship to Queen’s College, and received prizes in debating during my time at School and University, with one award presented to me by Lord Justice Brian Leveson.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Essentially, the aim is to perfect exam technique while simultaneously engaging with the substantive content. The surest way to succeed academically is to engender a genuine interest in the subject matter. For 11+, this will depend on the manner in which the subject matter is explained; for language students this will require plenty of conversational work and context of the language in question, and so forth. Naturally, my approach to tuition alters slightly depending on both client and subject. In general terms, fostering independence and critical thinking is crucial, in order to achieve this, the student needs to be comfortable and this informs my approach to tutoring.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I have a miniature sausage dog named Ozzie, who loves being tickled and spends his days curled up on the sofa!

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