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    My Experience

    My tutoring experience has started very soon after starting undergraduate studies, in 2015. It was then when I realized that teaching STEM subjects (mainly) is my passion and what I would like to do going forward. My teaching experience ranges from GCSE to Undergraduate Level. I teach GCSE Chemistry, Maths, Biology and English irrespective of the boards, A-level Chemistry (OCR, AQA) and Maths (Edexcel) and Undergraduate Level Chemistry. I also highly enjoy preparing students for their exams, in a way that is perhaps not as traditional as one may think – i.e. moving away from the subject-oriented tutoring and delving into the coaching and exam strategy realm of teaching which is no widely explored in schools. I highly believe that together with a very solid foundation, coaching or personal development skills go hand-in-hand for achieving a student’s highest potential.

    Currently, I am also a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Imperial College London, where I help students both in a laboratory setting as well as in tutorials for courses spanning Thermodynamics and Particle Engineering. The laboratory classes I was responsible for to date include Fluidised Beds, Protein Crystallisaion as well as Spray Drying.

    Subjects I teach

    Chemistry – GCSE, A-level (OCR, AQA), Undergraduate Level
    Mathematics – GCSE, A-level (Edexcel)
    Biology – GCSE
    English – GCSE
    Personal Statement
    Exam coaching & Exam strategies

    My Qualifications

    2017 – 2021 PhD studies at Imperial College London, Faculty of Chemical Engineering

    2013 – 2017 Masters of Chemistry (2:1 class honours degree) from University of Greenwich

    2011 – 2013 A-levels include Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics, and AS-level English from Battersea Park School

    Aside from my formal education, I have also took part in a number of research projects over the summer vacations, including a Nuffield Bursary research project which I have conducted at the University of Queen’s Mary, London which was based on improving nanoparticles as drug-delivery systems, able to load, carry and release poor soluble and unstable drugs in vitro and in vivo, for transdermal drug delivery.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My teaching style highly varies for the goals which are to be achieved, as well as each student’s style of learning. I focus on understanding a subject matter and making my students gain confidence in themselves when approaching a particular area which they are studying or trying to discover for the first time. Therefore, my tutoring session can be purely knowledge based, where the aim is to understand and internalize fundamental concepts, expanding to exam-style setting type of practice and also branching out to day-to-day experiments which we are not aware they are actually happening. This is all for making my students realize that science has far greater applicability beyond the classroom or the exam that they want to do, and it can be encountered in the most mundane acts of one’s day, such as simply adding honey to your porridge every morning.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    Before discovering my passion for science, I was training to be a ballerina. It was long after when I discovered that science and art are surely not that different, and they work in tandem.

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