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    My Experience

    Economics AS-Level:
    (AQA, EDEXCEL & JOINT CURRICULUM)- 5 years experience for teaching agencies across London

    Economics A-Level:
    (AQA, EDEXCEL & JOINT CURRICULUM) -5 years experience for teaching agencies across London

    Art History Degree and A-Level:
    Teaching Fellow at Yale University teaching degree level Art History class to Yale University undergraduate and graduate students ( From High Renaissance to 1960’s Modern American Abstract Expression)

    Subjects I teach

    Economics up to A-Level
    Art History up to Degree Level
    Oxford/Cambridge Applications (Essays)
    Ivy League Applications (Essays/exam prep)

    My Qualifications

    High School
    Finchley Catholic Boys School

    Economics AS Level: A
    Economics A Level: A
    Media Studies AS: A
    Media Studies A Level: A
    Art and Art History AS : A
    Art and Art History A Level: A
    Mathematical Modelling (Calculus) AS : A

    Valedictorian (Top of class)
    AS and A-Levels Prizes for academic performance

    Oxford University
    BA Art and Art History: 2:1
    Muriel Radford Bursary (St.Edmund Hall academic award)

    Yale University
    M.Arch.1 (Professional Masters in Architecture)
    Robert Leon Coombes Scholar (Full Professional schools scholarship)
    Chair Award (Top rated applicant scholarship)
    Rome Prize

    Full Lawrence Scholarship

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Learning to pass exams is tedious, boring and exhausting, which makes it harder to do well in a subject; which makes it tedious, boring and exhausting. The way you approach a subject determines how well you grasp the foundations, and how much you enjoy engaging with it. I’m not merely interested in teaching you to pass exams, but to teach you how to think about a subject, in a way which makes it light and easy to excel in it. I believe there is always a “way in” for every student to love a subject. You just have to find it. Once you do find your way in, it will be light and engaging, which will make the subject easy to excel at, which will make it light and engaging. Everything is pattern recognition.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I once defeated a super computer in a 24-round game of “rock,paper,scissors”. I won $72 and a lifetime of bragging rights.

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