My Passion & How I Inspire

I am passionate about teaching. I intend to go on an academic career as an anthropology teacher. I have to convey, learn and share, more. I do believe that teaching enables to sharpen disciplinary knowledge, pushing forward research questions, and opens possibilities for personal and professional transformation. It shares with anthropology this perpetual shaping and re-shaping of ideas through new encounters. Private tutoring allows to further place the individual at the centre of the teaching process. It enables teachers to adapt to the student’s specific environment of communication and rhythm of gaining knowledge. Then, in private tutoring, I enjoy designing efficient and relevant lessons for each of my students, being attentive to their personality and their demands. I endeavour to build dynamic, participatory, engaging classes since I believe that they allow students to develop their skills faster and more effectively.

My Experience

My first experience in tutoring was in Paris with high-school students revising for the Baccalauréat test. I ensured that my students were retaining the maximum of content information and efficient academic methods while at the same time gaining support and personal confidence approaching the test.

I have then taught French to A-Level students in Edinburgh. I helped students enjoying French through a dynamic and fun perspective of the language, but respecting the strict requirements of the top-level skills expected to pass their exams.

Lastly, I helped students and adults in London and Oxford with French for conversation purposes. I loved helping them discover my language through activities and real conversational topics, adapting to the interests each specifically had.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Anthropology
  • French

My Qualifications

I have a Bachelor degree from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po Paris). I received 18,5/20 for Scientific Humanities course conducted by Professor Bruno Latour. I chose to do my third year abroad at the University of Melbourne. I had 82% for Academic English, 78% for Anthropology of Nature, 77% for Power, Ideology and Inequality. I then did a Taught Masters (MSc) in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh. My dissertation was marked 72% and my work for the Introduction to Anthropological Theory course 73%. In 2015, I finished a Masters of Research (MRes) in Anthropology at the University College London. My essays for the module Ecology of Human Groups received 78%, for Anthropology of Development 75% and for Anthropological Methods 72%.

My Reviews

Alex: “A fantastic tutor! Very patient, she helped me improve my French skills greatly!”

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I lived in the Peruvian Amazonian forest for two months!