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    My Experience

    I lectured Law in the University for 3 years consecutively but before then I was a tutor in A/Level class for 11 years, where I taught English Language and Literature-in-English.

    I have been a facilitator in Professional Development classes, where I facilitate law and law related modules, for professionals in London and outside London.

    I have a number of private clients, who are university undergraduates. I take them through their school modules; give support on their Take Home exercises on Law and other research works.

    I have private teaching support arrangement with some Masters students whom I support with their research works and final dissertations.

    I am a writer and researcher. My research in Law have featured widely in reputable academic journals. I am presently working on my PhD programme in Law.

    I engage in physical classes and online meetings. I have been scheduled for desert teaching, which is a replica of the typical ancient teaching setting.

    Subjects I teach


    My Qualifications

    I have BS (Hons); LLB (Hons); LLM (Law); PDE (Professional Diploma in Education) and; PhD Laws (in view).

    I was the President of Collegiate Intellectual Academy, during my university days. I was also appointed the Chief Judge for the faculty Law Students Association, during my undergraduate days.

    I was Social prefect in Secondary school and I participated actively in Literary and Debating competitions. I was the President of Press Club for 2 years and Acting Chairman, Literary Writers’ Association for 2 years, after my university graduation.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    Through my teaching experience I have learnt to plan and deliver specialist study skills using differentiation in order to track and identify learner’s progress through which I developed the following skills:
    Tuition for students with specific learning difficulties on a one to one basis which often include the following: Support with academic writing, exam skills, revision and working memory techniques, higher level reading and research, organisation, time management, planning and structure, confidence building and self-advocacy and the development of workplace skills
    Intervention during and after school; to oversee and mark student’s Controlled Assessments
    Revision interventions during the school holidays
    One-to-one tutorials with students
    Assessment and Marking according to the Edexcel and the OCR criteria
    Monitoring classroom management/behaviour management
    Create student-centred activity
    Lead coaching group.
    Through work experience I have grown and developed the following skills:
    Taking part in coaching activities, coaching assemblies,
    Staff meetings Academy meetings, Coaching meetings, Faculty meetings.
    I also participate in on-going administrative duties, documenting student’s progress through Individual Learning Plans (ILP’s); session logs and
    Maintaining contact with, and to provide continuing support for individual students with specific learning difficulties as appropriate
    Having knowledge of assistive software technologies
    Working collaboratively as part of the Service, to ensure high service standards and to contribute to the service development.
    I have attended courses to strength my knowledge and mastered skills like: How to plan a good lesson – Behaviour for learning – Understanding Dyslexia and online teaching delivery.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I ride bicycle in the rain and play handball in the pool. These can be really good fun. I like mountain climbing and forest adventuring, which has taken me across borders in the north African jungles and plains.

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