My Passion & How I Inspire

In terms of personal approach, I think it's important to be on comfortable terms on the tutee. Being able to relate to the person you're trying to teach by having recent past experience in what they would be going through is crucial in being able to not only be in a healthy atmosphere to teach, but also to understand what specific areas they might need help with. I always prefer a very casual, light hearted and enjoyable atmosphere and strive to make a tutee look forward to any future sessions.

I provide tutees with a full set of comprehensive printed lessons that serve as both a teaching text and a revision guide. Each set of my topic-based guides is tailored around the specific syllabus that the tutee is following, and structured with a syllabus checklist (where each point on the syllabus is listed and checked off once it has been revised and understood), in addition to a multiple tips and noted advice based around my personal experiences with tricky exam questions that require a student's personal intuition to answer.

This helps ensure the tutee is provided with the most concise, efficient and useful learning possible.

My Experience

Tutoring English and overseeing University Engineering Schemes as a tutor and coordinator in Abu Dhabi.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Biology
  • Biology - A-Level
  • Law
  • Law - A-Level

My Qualifications

Currently studying LLB Law at UCL


A*: Biology (Biol4 100%, Biol5 99.4%)

A: Chemistry

A: History


A* Biology - A* Chemistry - A* Physics - A* History - A* Geography - A* English Literature - A Design and Technology - A Maths - A English Language


A French

My Reviews

Abdul gave me English lessons to help me with my TOEFL exam while I was preparing for my university entrance. His help was very valuable as was his advice which helped me greatly to achieve a high mark in my exam - Mohammed Deeb, Student at the American University of Sharjah.

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I have a personal squat record of 480lbs!