Abdelrahman B

My Passion & How I Inspire

As a student, I liked to be superior in the subjects I like and hold a good understanding in the ones I struggle at. Hence, I decided to put this into my tutoring technique. I push the students for understanding the subject very well and during this period, I give the bright students extra resources to enrich their knowledge without wasting too much time that can influence other subjects. I always love to get the best out of the student, that most of the students told me they didn’t even think they would be capable of achieving this level in this short time. I also volunteer as influencer in school events, so I put this into my tutoring especially with bright kids who needs to decide their future university, work or even life style. I always try to be a good friend to the student and put respect as the way of getting closer to them.

My Experience

I started tutoring since 2014. I have been working with adults and kids, either in person or groups or online. I have helped young students to get higher grades within a short period from starting the lessons. I have 2 Master’s degrees in Computer Science. I had outstanding results in all my Mathematics exams and my name is the Mathematics hall of fame in my university. I am native Arabic speaker from Egypt and have been teaching standard Arabic since 2017. I helped people within 6 months to start from alphabets and now they are making deals with Arabian companies using the Arabic they have learned with me. I teach computing for kids using scratch, and code blocks. While for adults, I teach in several programming languages e.g.(Matlab, Python, C/C++, Java, others). I was chosen as the best robotics tutor in county for 4 months, in the 2017 year.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Electronics - A-Level
  • Arabic
  • Computer Science
  • Electronics
  • GRE
  • ICT
  • Science

My Qualifications

I went to Victory school for my national secondary grade. I finished my grade with 94% in total, with 96% average for all subjects other than French and geography. I went to Engineering school department of Electronics for my Bsc. I graduated as one of the top 5 students on my class. Then I have done 2 Master’s in computer science. I was granted full scholarship for my first Master’s in Egypt. I published 2 papers in prestigious conferences. This has helped me to get accepted for my 2nd Master’s in UCL which is one of the top 10 universities in the world in the robotics field.

Fun fact

I was professionally playing basketball and won the national competition for 3 consecutive years. I was crucial in the team till I got seriously injured and so I retired.