Top Resources For Edexcel GCSE Physics

  1. Edexcel GCSE Physics textbook

Your school should have copies of this textbook, or a similar version available for you to use. Textbooks are particularly useful for reading through a particular topic you didn’t quite understand in the lesson. This textbook includes revision sections, practice questions and extended investigations to help your understanding and test your knowledge.




  1. Doc Brown’s Physics Revision Notes

If you’re studying at home and don’t have a textbook available, then the internet can provide to be a useful study tool. Just make sure to download a site blocker such as FocalFilter which will help you focus by blocking distracting websites so that you can concentrate on your studying!

Doc Brown’s revision notes are a good starting guide to online revision notes which stick very closely to the syllabus, making sure every point is covered and explained clearly.


  1. CGP revision book and workbook

These books are very detailed and cover everything needed in the specification in a fun and humorous manner. There is also an accompanying workbook available to buy, which contains a range of exercises for each topic and will be very useful to test your knowledge before the exams.




  1. BBC Bitesize

This website is an easy to use and accessible resource but it doesn’t go into as much detail as other WebPages as it isn’t Edexcel specific. So, for that reason, this resource has quite limited usefulness but it could come in handy if you wanted a different explanation of a topic. On Bitesize there are also online self tests and activities for each topic which are useful in testing your knowledge as you go along.




  1. Ben Ryder YouTube revision videos

This YouTube playlist contains a series of useful and informative podcasts covering the Edexcel syllabus. These videos explain the topics very clearly and effectively. Within the video playlist there is also a link to a quiz to test your knowledge of the formulae. The playlist also includes some useful videos with examples showing good exam technique.


  1. Edexcel past papers

Going through past papers is one of the most important methods of preparing for an exam. Although the questions won’t help you predict the questions or topics that will come up in the exam, doing past papers will get you used to the style of questions asked. So make sure you go through as many past papers as possible before the exam! Your teacher is likely to hold the most recent past paper back as a mock exam, but you can download past papers dating as far back as 2011 to go through yourself. When doing a past paper as a practice, time yourself and stick to exam conditions. That means no internet, phone or textbooks. This will help you check whether you understand all the topics and if there are any gaps in your knowledge. By timing yourself, you will get an idea of how long to spend on each question, – critical for good exam technique.


  1. Your teacher or tutor!

Your teacher and tutor are extremely valuable learning resources. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class if you don’t understand something or, if you prefer, you can ask your teacher to go over a certain point that you are struggling with at lunch or after school. When you are in a lesson with your tutor, be 100% honest about what you do and don’t understand, so that we can help you get the most out of the lesson. Always remember that teachers and tutors are here to help you! It’s our job and the reason we are tutors is because we love helping students succeed, so please always tell us if there is something you don’t understand.

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