Tavistock Tutors Q&A with Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

On Monday 6th June, our very own Marcus Ereira and Luke Shelley (Directors of Tavistock Tutors) interviewed the Right Honourable Gentleman, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Member of Parliament for North East Somerset. Whilst not known for their penetrating questions and Paxton-esque interviewing techniques, Marcus and Luke on behalf of the Tavistock Tutors community delved into the subject of Brexit with Mr Rees-Mogg. The MP for North East Somerset is a known Eurosceptic, who with his financial background has been a firm driver of the Brexit campaign.

Without much hesitation, the discussion was brought immediately to the nitty-gritty, as the topic of Immigration arose. The first question was whether upon leaving the EU there would be a rush of migrants coming to the UK as the Prime minister exercised article 50, indicating a two year separation period when leaving the EU. MP Rees-Mogg agreed with this sentiment, stressing the need for a tapering of the freedom of movement and perhaps for emergency procedures. Is this indicative of a post Britain Brexit leaving no opportunity for any freedom of movement and a move towards isolationism? No, according to Mr Rees-Mogg, rather focussing on a “points system” based upon the skills needed in Britain and immigration controlled accordingly. However, in a densely populated country such as Britain, will this need occur? Especially considering that it draws upon a similar system employed in Australia, a totally different country with far less people but a far greater land mass?

Watch the interview: