SAT Subject Tests: Improve your Level 2 Maths in 5 minutes!


OK, set that stopwatch… And go!

Use a graphing calculator

First things first… Make sure that: a. you’re using a graphing calculator and b. you know how to use it!

This is because there are quite a lot of graph questions on the Level 2 test, and answering them is quite often simply a matter of putting the function into the calculator and reading off the answer!

The SAT people will allow you to use a wide range of graphing calculators. I would personally recommend the Casio 9750 (the FX-9750GII, to be precise), but as long as your calculator (or your mum’s, dad’s, or sibling’s calculator) is not too fancy, it will probably be allowed. Check this list to see if it is:

Here are a few good videos to help you get to grips with your graphing calculator: