PEEL Writing

PEEL Writing Technique

The PEEL writing technique is an important factor when it comes to essay writing. Essays are like a river, fluidity is paramount in order to write an effective essay. Using connectives such as; therefore, however and presently provide the essay with a level of literate coherence which will make it a pleasure to read. Incorporating a variation of vocabulary will keep the reader enthralled in the pertaining subject area. Essays like most aspects of life need structure; Effective paragraphing, punctuation and applying a basic framework to any written essay such as an; Introduction, Body and a Conclusion are pivotal if the essay is to have an impact to the reader.  Finally the essays need to always be written using the PEEL system; Point, Evidence, Explanation and most importantly Linking all the information together. Don’t forget referencing and a bibliography will add the finishing touches to an excellent essay.

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