My Time At Lumen Christi College – Northern Ireland

Lumen Christi College acted as both my secondary school and my sixth form college.

Being the top rated grammar school in Northern Ireland, my time here challenged me to go above and beyond in my approach to learning and studying, and allowed me to develop the skills which I am now able to make use of in my study at further education.

Adjusting to new environments is never easy, especially when surrounded by peers of such high academic standard.

The teachers in the school, however, treated everyone as individuals and I felt that the areas which I excelled in were very much praised on a regular basis, while those which I found more difficult were honed in on. This is a principle of teaching which I like to use as a way to encourage learning, as it worked so well for me personally.

Going into the college, I was very shy, reserved and afraid to speak my mind. Seven years later I felt fully confident in speaking with new people and teachers alike. This is a fantastic thing to be able to harness from as young an age as possible, as the ability to communicate effectively will open up so many opportunities in both an academic and professional career. I took part in debates, discussions on current issues with my peers, and learned how to carry myself in a professional manner when it was necessary. Furthermore, I learned to become an individual and speak my mind on topics or issues that I felt were important to me.

When it came to examinations the college was more than prepared. We were provided with past papers, model answers and clear worked examples in order to show us how to have a clear approach to explaining our ideas. It was my A-Level chemistry teacher who left a lasting impression on my approach to learning. She was so focused on the understanding of the topic at hand and instilled in me a fantastic work ethic which will stay with me for many years to come.
In all, I essentially grew up in my college. I made life long friends who I still love to spend time with on a regular basis, and I still have a fantastic rapport with those who taught me. I look forward to visiting it soon and would recommend it to anyone looking to excel in their pre-university education.

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