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We know that there’s plenty to learn for your maths exam, and it can seem even more mind-boggling when trying to revise from a textbook. If you know that you’re a visual and audio learner, or perhaps you just want to try something different, then you’re in the right place!

Our experts here at Tavistock Tutors have compiled some of the best video resources online to help with Maths GCSE. It is often easier to learn a topic if it is being explained to you with active example, hence why they are very effective as a revision resource.

These videos will help whether you’re taking the foundation or higher examination, and there is help available for all exam boards.

One of the best things about these video resources is that there’s so many of them and they’re all free!


Hegarty Maths

Hegarty Maths is a channel which originated about 7 years ago by covering all topics on the GCSE specification. With hundreds of thousands of views on youtube, this channel is extremely popular, and rightly so.

Though the GCSE specifications were since updated in 2015, all of the content remains relevant for today’s exams. The videos vary in length from 2 minutes to 30, with more complicated topics providing more lengthy videos.

Mr Hegarty does a voice over throughout the video and explains complicated concepts in a simplistic and understandable manner. He also provides numerous examples of the topic in question which you can try at the same time.

The videos are grouped into different exams, and they cover everything from GCSE to different modules for A-level Maths. Mr Hegarty also has an online platform which has over 1300 partner schools, with claims of having helped over 1 million students!

Visit the channel here:


Exam Solutions

Exam Solutions is a website which provides extensive coverage of the GCSE maths curriculum.

With over 10 years’ worth of videos, you’re guaranteed to learn plenty with Exam Solutions. Videos are uploaded regularly and cover a vast array of topics. With a helpful contents page, you can easily navigate the website to find the exact videos you need for that tricky topic.

Videos are generally quite short but are organised into playlists which cover different elements of a topic. The videos are created by a team of academic experts rather than one individual, which is why they are able to produce such vast quantities at such a high standard.

They go through various past papers from different exam boards and subsequently explain the answers. This will be useful to your revision if you are also practicing with past papers, as you can compare your answers and watch videos for questions you struggled with!

With clear graphics and understandable audio, these videos are helpful for learning a variety of different topics.

It may be noted that some of thevideos may potentially be more helpful to A-level candidates, or those studying further maths GCSE. The videos are organised into playlists which cover various topics on the syllabus of each exam.

Find the videos here:


Smart Tutors

This is probably the youngest channel chosen within our selection, as all of its videos have been created within the past year. Some of its videos start from Key Stage 1, but it does have an array of videos with specific topics for GCSE specifications.

They also have specialist videos which take you on walkthroughs of previous examinations with video tutorials on how to successfully achieve the correct answers.

The channel also hosted multiple live streams during exam season, in which students could request help with specific problems they were facing.

Visit the channel:



This youtube channel accompanies which also provides specialist resources to help students to prepapre for maths GCSE and A-level.

The videos are quite long, with most of the videos being around 30 minutes in length. But they do provide comprehensive help which cover topics in vast detail.

They provide lots of diagrams and explanation which are easy to follow. Some of their best videos cover complicated topics involving graphs, with numerous walkthroughs of example questions.

There is even one series of videos which are around 4 hours each in length. They’re called ‘GCSE Foundation Maths in Week for Grade 5′ and cover the entire syllabus in length.

Give them a watch here:


TecMaths is another popular Youtube channel which specialises in helping students with tricky maths questions.

This channel doesn’t have such a comprehensive coverage of all of the topics covered on the GCSE specifications but does have specialist videos on particular subjects. The videos are generally slightly longer at around 10 minutes length on average, but they do go thorugh the topic in detail.

One of the perks of this channel is that it has ‘trick’ videos which provide alternative working methods. Many of these videos have gone viral, with some of them reaching over 6 million views! These tricks may not have been taught in your ordinary maths class, and they aim to help you calculate your answers faster to save some vital time in your exams.

Watch the videos here:


The youtube channel is slightly lesser known than some of the channels previously mentioned, but is a great find!

The channel provides over 1000 different videos with a diverse range of topics. With plenty of newer videos tailored to the new GCSE specifications, the videos are very up to date.

One of the amazing things about this channel, is its organisation.

The GCSE topic videos are split into two playlists for higher and foundation tiers so that you can easily distinguish between what you need to learn for your exam. Beyond this, there are playlists of videos which organise the GCSE topics by grade. The videos are generally quite short this will enable you to create a checklist of topics which you should be able to cover for the grade you are aiming for. You could even surpass your predicted grade by going through some topics on a higher grade.

On Maths also goes through particularly challenging questions as part of their ‘demon questions’ playlists. Though this is a relatively new addition, the videos seek to deconstruct hard questions to make them easier to approach.

As well as specialist revision videos which cover all of the topics on the syllabus, the video also provides longer videos with predicted papers. Though these may not be accurate, they can provide an insight into what types of questions are expected to appear in your upcoming exam.

Visit the channel through this link:


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