Higher Education: A Balancing Act

During this period of canvassing and charming, the concept of higher education can be used as a political tool. Students are now seen to be powerful voters. All parties on the political ideological line want their policies to appeal to university students and as we saw five years ago, empty promises can be made by each party.

However, moving away from the politics of education, higher education is more than just a tool. For many people it is the final stage of education before they go out into the world and have to take on serious duties and responsibilities in a full time job. This type of education was not meant to be easy. Those that do go to university have to move away from home and being home sick is certainly something that is not unusual with students. In addition to this you are thrown into a pool of choice where you might become confused as to what new and interesting things you may take up at university. The degree also comes into play when trying to make this choice. On the whole your university life becomes a balancing act.

An act of this kind is not necessarily bad, learn how to do it well and you get to have your cake and eat it but there is a thin line that separates success and failure in higher education. My time at university is coming to an end and in certain circumstances I have had to learn the hard way when trying to balance extracurricular activities with academic work. Nevertheless, looking back on my university experience I would not change a thing because at the end of the day you realise that you will never get this kind of experience again. So the advice I would give anyone starting university this October would be expect the unexpected and make the most of every opportunity.

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