Daunting Applications

Applications at any level can be daunting and off-putting, but if you see them as an exercise they can be tackled easily and successfully.

As a trainee lawyer now, I have done the most applications possible for someone in my age group. This has included getting into the school of my choice, undergraduate university, masters university in the US, UK law school and then a law firm at the end of all that. Although this might sound over-bearing, each stage can be easily overcome by following steps below.

1. Keep things simple and precise. From your CV and your personal statement to your interview, keep things as simple as you can. You have to remember that school and universities will be reading thousands of applications and the applications that will stand out are those that are easy to read and understand. Bullet points can often be useful!

2. Have a second Plan A. Everybody will have their first choice option for their school or university, but sometimes that option might not actually be their best fit and they’ll come to realise this after applying. It makes the most sense to pick two or three options that you consider to be best for you and let things run their course. I had no idea I was going to end up doing a Masters in the US, but it was the best decision of my career to date.

3. Make real enquiries to make you fit the mould. Before applying for anything, really get to know what that thing is about. If it is a school, an Oxford college, a university itself, speak to representatives and students at the place. Not only will this give you a better understanding of what you are embarking upon, but it will also show in your application that you are interested in that place and passionate to be a part of it. Schools, universities and companies are always happy to help with information and may pass you on to someone specifically. It causes no harm at all to make the enquiry so go for it.

Follow these steps and you will notice a difference in the success of your applications and your own decisions. I wish any reader the best of luck in their applications and do not hesitate to contact Taverstock Tutors for my own details if you need help with any application across the board.

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