6 Reasons To Hire A Tutor For Your Child

Most children will come across several challenges with learning during their school journey. The desire of most parents is to boost their kids enthusiasm for learning, build educational self-esteem and academic success whenever possible. Tutors can potentially help with these goals.

Below are some examples on how tutoring can make the difference:

1. Tutors work at a child’s pace

One of the biggest advantages of having a private tutor is that kids can work at a pace that’s suitable for them. Sometimes teachers in school can go through the syllabus too quickly and students may feel uncomfortable or shy to ask the teacher to go over it again. By having a private tutor, children have access to one-on-one learning and can take subjects at their own pace and ask all the questions they need to.

2. Confidence building
A good tutor will take time to understand your child’s learning foundation by creating an atmosphere for them to discuss issues that might be affecting their ability to learn. Also, when tutoring is successful, a child will become self-assured and have newfound confidence, which may lead to participation in the classroom.

3. Exam revision
Getting into universities is highly competitive and kids increasingly need to gain good grades in exams, such as GCSE’s and A-Levels. Having a private tutor who is trained in subjects at these levels can help a child perform at their optimum.

4. Creates a learning framework
As well as learning material from your school’s syllabus, tutors can help your child to learn from other syllabuses. More importantly, a good tutor will apply the syllabus to real-world scenarios and create a learning framework, which will last a lifetime.

5. Maintain skills over summer
Tutoring can be beneficial to children during the summer months. If you have concerns that your child will lose some of the ground they gained over the past year then hiring a tutor can certainly help!

6. It’s flexible and convenient

Having a private tutor is extremely flexible, which works particularly well if you have a busy schedule. You can decide how often you want tutoring lessons and provide feedback to tutors on their teaching style. Tutors do their teaching lessons in the comfort of your own, which saves children vital commute time.

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