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5 Reasons To Study Actuarial Science At Uni

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Actuarial Science is a great course to study at university for a number of reasons. It is not limited to only 5 reasons however I am going to highlight to you the top 5 reasons why I chose to study this amazing course; a decision I never look back on!

1) Many will tell you this is the hardest and most challenging course to study at uni. Whilst I don’t deny that this may be the case, it should not be a reason for one not to pursue their desire to take the course. It’s true that it is very hard and it’s also true that it is very challenging. However nothing in life is easy and one can achieve success in anything if one puts his/her in to it. Therefore if you fully commit to the course and take the difficulty of the course as a positive challenge rather than a fear factor, you’ll do just fine!

2) This course is not only theoretical, you will learn practically how things are done in the workplace; providing you with a good transition between uni life and work life. I graduated and went on to work in the Actuarial department of an insurance company. I was glad to find out that much of the work done in my uni course is applicable in my day to day tasks at work. This was very pleasing to know after all those years studying in GCSE’s and A-Level’s wondering when you’re ever going to use the rule of Pythagoras or Trigonometry!

3) Studying this course does not limit your choices after university to only become an Actuary. Rather it allows you to work in any sector of finance and probably gives you the best foundational grounding into going on to a successful job. You may also find that rather than applying for jobs after graduation, you are sought after by companies if you have a good Actuarial Science degree from a reputable university.

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4) Networking within the Actuarial world is great. Your university will often organise careers events and invite speakers working within the Actuarial field. Going along to these careers events is a real bonus as not only will you learn from the speakers’ knowledge and experience, you will also be able to have informal chats with them, potentially leading up to internships offers and further ahead leading onto graduate jobs.

5) The happy feeling you get after graduating in Actuarial Science is indescribable. When you look back at the 3 years of solid study, it will all seem like a blur and you’ll realise the sacrifices of long days and all nighters was all worth it. Now that you’ve passed a degree in Actuarial Science, you gain that inner strength and self belief that you can accomplish anything that life has to throw at you!

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