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My Experience

I spent almost three years tutoring four different teenagers in subjects like Mathematics and Physics. The outcome was really positive as they all managed to have successful results.

I have been teaching two twin girls attending Middle school and my main task was to help them with every subject of their course (Italian, English, Mathematics, Arts, History, Geography). This experience provided me with the versatility of dealing with topics which did not directly belong to my studies.

I have also been tutoring other two boys in their first year of High school and the main focus of these lessons was related to subjects like Mathematics, Physics and English. The results of one of them have been really impressive as he managed to improve from 50% to 70% his average mark in Physics.

In these three years, I developed the skills of simplifying technical and abstract concepts in terms of more concrete examples to young students in their first approach to Mathematics and Physics. I also achieved the goal of getting my students to understand the topics by providing them with schemes and maps previously prepared and enabling them to communicate back what they have learnt.

During Mathematics lessons, my first approach consists in checking the Homework that the students are supposed to do and work them out together. If there is any lack of understanding, I go back to reinforce their knowledge of the theory so that I am able to explain to my tutees how the exercises must be done. Once we have reached this point, we do a reasonable amount of them in order to strengthen the understanding in the pattern of reasoning and get ready for the exams by doing mock tests

Subjects I teach

Mathematics: From key stage 1 to key stage 5, GCSE, A Levels, AS Levels, International Baccalaureate.
Italian: Any Level

My Qualifications

I have attended a scientific oriented High School for 5 years back in Italy. The structure of our course requires studying 9 different subjects for all of these years. An approach of this type allowed me to develop interdisciplinary thinking and improve the versatility of the mind in dealing with topics of a really different nature. I graduated High School in Italy in 2017/2018 with an average mark of 100% and I have been awarded for 4 years “Bonus Eccellenza” for belonging to the top 50 best students in the school in terms of academic achievements.

University: KING’S COLLEGE LONDON (2018-2021)
I am currently studying Mathematics and Philosophy at an undergraduate level. This Joint Degree is helping me to develop the perfect balance between analytical and critical thinking, given respectively by Mathematics and Philosophy. I ended my first year (2018/2019) with an average of a First Class.

My Passion And How I Inspire

I am a Mathematics and Philosophy student, this already says a lot about the nature of my interests. I have always thought that, in order to be complete as human beings, we have to feed both our brain and soul. Therefore we need a good balance between Sciences and Humanities.

My love for Mathematics starts from the awareness that it is at the basis of every discipline and even if not directly, its problem solving skills are very easily transferable. As regards Philosophy, it is a good training to develop critical thinking as, differently from Mathematics, it does not require a unique answer. This enables our brain to create very articulated and interesting views of the world. All of these elements inspired me and made me passionate about what I do and I love it.

I am extremely convinced that tutors have the duty to be empathetic people, every student should feel comfortable with them. The main reason is that most of the times students have difficulties with certain subjects, like Mathematics, because of lack of confidence. Students should feel free to be themselves around their tutor, they should feel free to make mistakes and not be judged. This is the only way to learn because if they do not try, they will never improve.

My way of inspiring my students is believing in them and never doubting their abilities. For example, a lot of people believe the myth that Mathematics is for the genius, the élite. It is wrong: Mathematics is for the hard working students that never give up. Therefore, trying to convey this message and inspire my students is exactly what makes me love tutoring.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I delivered a speech concerning immigration in front of an audience, in the 5×15 talks at the Philological Circle of Milan.

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