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Biology Tutors

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Biology Tutors

As one of the three academic sciences, biology is a tricky subject for many at all academic levels. From plants and organisms to evolution and genes, each topic is packed with info.

Much like any other science, biology is one of those subjects where there’s always more to be learnt, so it can get a little scary sometimes. Our biology tutors are available across London for all ages and abilities, so there’s never any reason to get down about revision.

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Although science is introduced to all pupils at primary school level, biology only comes into play in Year 7, and many schools require their students to take it at GCSE. All our biology tutors are recruited from the top universities and have had continuous success with their students, so they really do know what they’re talking about. Of course, learning is different at all levels, but at Tavistock Tutors we make it an enjoyable experience for everyone, covering all topics of the biology syllabus in depth. Our tutors know all their exam boards back to front, so whatever the qualification, they always come prepared. Believe it or not, it’s not always about getting straight As and spending endless hours working. Our tutors make biology interesting and really engage their students – the grade at the end is just a bonus.

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The really great thing about our biology tuition is that it’s catered to every individual’s personal preferences, so we never send a tutor to a client unless they’re the perfect fit. We also make sure that we do all the travelling, so every student can learn in the comfort of their home. We’re all about the informal atmosphere, because no one likes to learn when they feel under pressure. Our prices are also very reasonable and we’re not just saying that. Our rates start from £40 per hour and we don’t charge any registration or placement fees at all. There’s also no confusing admin to get through, because that’s for us to worry about. Our clients only need to tell us what they’re looking for, and we’ll find it ASAP.

We’ve never refused a client for any subject, and we don’t intend to start now. Give us a call and we’ll arrange a biology tutor straight away.


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