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Swimming Coaches

Tavistock Tutors offers swimming coaching at all levels in the London area. Swimming is a versatile sport that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, from complete beginners to more advanced athletes. And, whatever your goal, Tavistock Tutors can help you get the most out of your training sessions. Whether you want basic swimming lessons to help you get started or a more rigorous training regime, Tavistock Tutors is here to help.

Swimming training for fitness and fun

Tavistock Tutors’ swimming coaches understand that everyone has their own reasons for wanting one-on-one training sessions. Whether your goal is general fitness, fun, relaxation, or competition, they are ready to put together the perfect training programme for you.

Even beyond fitness, regular swimming coaching can be beneficial in all sorts of ways. Regular exercise is hugely important for all of us and, as the old saying goes, a healthy body makes for a healthy mind. These days, school children can feel under pressure in almost every aspect of their lives; taking part in a sport can be a great way to combat stress. Swimming is an especially good way to unplug and unwind. Participating in any sport is a fantastic way to foster a healthy way of life and to teach children about the rewards of hard work with a clear focus and defined goals. It can foster confidence and help create a healthy enjoyment of competition. Tavistock Tutors is here to help you take the first step.

Intensive swimming coaching for competition

We also offer more intensive swimming coaching for competitive swimmers and are well aware of what a demanding sport swimming can be. For all you budding Michael Phelpses or Rebecca Adlingtons out there, swimming competitively can be extremely physically and psychologically demanding. We can support you as you begin to compete and nurture your talents through a tailored training regime. Our coaches can help you to work on technique and stamina with a long-term training plan or prepare you for that all-important race.

Private swimming coaching with experienced trainers

Tavistock Tutors’ experienced swimming coaches are dedicated to giving you motivation and support, as well as guidance on how to improve your fitness and technique. They have a wealth of experience, as athletes and as trainers, to help shape your perfect training programme. Whether you have your sights set on Olympic Gold or just want a fun way to unwind, swimming might just be the perfect sport for you.

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Swimming Coaches

I’ve mentored children at Westminister Academy, helping them with their coursework in English and history for the following exam boards: AQA, OCR, Edexcel. I also fine tuned their UCAS application and personal statements. ...

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