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Samuel G Private Tutor


History of Art up to Undergraduate
English up to A-Level
History up to A-Level

Gabriel Private Tutor


MATLAB Programming Language up to Postgraduate
Python Programming Language up to Postgraduate
Object-Oriented-Programing using C++ up to Postgraduate
Computational Statistics using Matlab up to Postgraduate
Biomedical Image Processing up to Postgraduate

Rhiannon Private Tutor

Rhiannon L

Latin from 7+ to Undergraduate
Classical Civilisation to Undergraduate
Ancient Greek from 7+ to AS-Level
Personal statement assistance
Oxbridge application and interview preparation
University applications
Interview techniques
Essay writing skills
11+ preparation

Aaron Private Tutor


History up to undergraduate level
Government and Politics up to undergraduate level
Economics up to A-level/IB
Common Entrance (arts and humanities)
Oxbridge admission
UCAS and personal statements

Angus Private Tutor


Chemistry to Undergraduate
Biochemistry to Undergraduate
Physics to A-Level
Oxbridge and University applications, personal statements, and interview preparation

Sophie M

Sophie M

Fine Art up to Postgraduate
Art and Design up to Postgraduate
History of Art up to Postgraduate
English Literature up to A-Level
Creative Writing All Levels
Art School Applications and Portfolio Preparation


Rebecca C

Geography Oxbridge Entrance
Personal Statement Advice
Interview Preparation and Technique

Joshua Private Tutor

Joshua H

Chemistry up to A-Level
Biology up to A-Level
Mathematics up to A-Level
Physics GCSE
Science GCSE
Undergraduate Chemistry and Bio-Sciences assignments
Oxbridge applications and interviews

Antonios Tutor


Accounting up to postgraduate
Business Economics up to postgraduate
European Human Rights Law, Legal Theory up to postgraduate
Philosophy up to postgraduate

Sam G Private Tutor

Sam G

English Literature up to undergraduate level
English Language up to A-Level
Personal Statement assistance
Oxbridge interview preparation

Lara D Private Tutor

Lara D

Psychology from GCSE to Undergraduate Level
English Literature from 11+ up to A-Level
Religious Studies at AS and A-Level
Spanish at GCSE level
Personal statement assistance
Piano lessons up to grade 5

Faith Private Tutor


English Literature GCSE
English Literature KS3 + KS2
English Language Up to GSCE
Proof Reading
Essay Writing

Sam Private Tutor

Sam R

Medical school UCAS application
Medical school interview preparation
Oxbridge Applications – Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biology and Chemistry
GCSE Maths

Elin Private Tutor


Law up to Undergraduate
History GCSE
Drama GCSE
English GCSE
CV and UCAS applications

Lucy Private Tutor


English degree level
Maths: up to GCSE
Science: up to Common Entrance
Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning: up to Common Entrance

Tom Private Tutor


Maths from 11+ up to 2nd year degree
English, Science, Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning for 11+ and 13+

Sophie K Private Tutor

Sophie K

Maths up to Degree Level
Further Maths up to A-Level
Physics up to Degree Level
Oxbridge entrance exams
SAT and ACT – American University entrance exams



Drama all levels
Theatre Studies all levels
Maths up to A-Level
French up to GCSE
Economics up to GCSE
Law some aspects of undergraduate only
Oxford entrance consulting

Here are some examples of the areas we cover in London: