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Sam Private Tutor

Sam R

Archaeology up to Degree Level
Geography from 11+ up to A Level
Geology up to A Level
Environmental Studies up to A Level
Personal Statement Assistance
11+ Preparation

Florence Private Tutor

Florence T

Singing Grades 1 – 8
Grade 5 Theory
Chorister Application
Music Scholarship Preparation
University Choral Trials Preparation
Audition Preparation

Katie Private Tutor

Katie L

IELTS Preparation
English for Business
English Pronunciation and public speaking

Nasos Private Tutor


Economics Degree
Maths GCSE
French A-Level
Greek A-Level
Portuguese A-Level
Oxbridge Interview Preparation, TSA Preparation, Personal Statement

Thomas F Private Tutor

Thomas F

Mathematics to A-Level
Further Mathematics to A-Level
Physics to A-Level
History of Art to A-Level

Matthew Private Tutor


Fine Art up to A-Level
Design up to University level
Illustration up to University level
Animation up to University level
Portfolio preparation up to University level
Adobe Suite

Nils Private Tutor


Biology at undergraduate level
Programming languages Matlab and R to beginners
Maths and chemistry to A-level students
Physics to GCSE students
Personal statement writing
Dissertation writing

Tom Private Tutor

Thomas O

English and American Literature to postgraduate level
World Literature and Comparative Literature to postgraduate level
Creative Writing to postgraduate level
Film Studies to graduate level
Journalism to graduate level
Art to any level

Kerry Private Tutor

Kerry G

International Relations (undergraduate)
Academic Skills: Effective reading, essay writing, presentations

Avia Private Tutor


History of Art
Essay Writing + Proofreading
CV + Cover Letter Writing

Henry Private Tutor

Henry L

History of art – all levels
University entrance
Interview preparation
Personal statement writing

Laura Private Tutor

Laura B

Creative Writing – all levels
Academic Writing and University applications
Personal Statement Support
English Literature – Undergraduate
Art – A Level
Music Practice – up to grade 8 (piano, flute)

Lola O Private Tutor

Lola O

Business Studies up to A-Level Pre-U & Foundation
Business and Management – IB
Business Management – Undergraduate and Postgraduate level
Dissertations & Essays

Frank Private Tutor


English Language up to Undergraduate
English Literature up to Undergraduate
History up to A-Level / IB
Philosophy up to A-Level / IB
Debating and Critical thinking
Oxbridge Applications and Interview Preparation

Jonah Private Tutor


History to A2 Level/IB
English to A2 Level/IB
Latin to A2 Level/IB
Law to A2 Level
German and French to GCSE
University applications (drafting and editing personal statements)

Elena Private Tutor


Research Methods (Undergraduate)
Advanced Research Methods (Postgraduate)
Statistics (Postgraduate)
SPSS, MATLAB (Postgraduate)
EEG, ERP data analysis toolboxes – EEGLAB, Netstation (Postgraduate)
Psychology (Postgraduate)
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (Postgraduate)
Italian language (All levels)
Personal statement & CV assistance

Virginia Private Tutor


Latin from 11+ up to postgraduate
Ancient Greek from 11+ up to postgraduate
Classical Civilization from GCSE to postgraduate
Ancient History from GCSE to postgraduate
Oxbridge applications and interview preparation
Essay writing skills
Dissertation preparation

Here are some examples of the areas we cover in London: