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Tavistock Tutors provide expert recorder tuition from some of the best recorder teachers in London. Our professional teachers offer lessons on all types and sizes of recorder, so whether you’re looking to supplement a child’s lessons in school or pursue advanced study of the recorder at a conservatoire, Tavistock Tutors can find you the recorder teacher you need to suit your level of study and musical aspirations.

Whilst the recorder might have developed an unenviable reputation amongst some primary school parents, it is in fact a charming and long-established melody instrument steeped in centuries of tradition. Learning the recorder with one of our recorder teachers opens up many opportunities for performing as part of an ensemble, including recorder choirs, folk bands and Baroque trios. One-on-one recorder lessons can prepare students for performance in these groups as well as any solo performance exams you might want to take. Our recorder teachers teach students of all abilities and can customise their lessons to allow for a range of musical ambitions, from beginners learning for fun, to advanced performers wanting to take exams.

Tavistock Tutors employ tutors with formal credentials and musical training; for us this means a minimum of performance qualifications at grade 8, although it is usual for our instrumental teachers to exceed this level. When we select our music teachers, we look for people who want to teach students thoroughly and with well-grounded technique. We find that this saves our pupils time in the long run and allows them to progress to their musical goals more easily.

As well as assuring that our professional recorder teachers have the appropriate level of performing skill, we also interview each of our teachers to ensure that they will put across their love of their instrument to their pupils. When interviewing, we look particularly for people who are good at explaining things to students in a way which is accessible for beginners and specific and technical enough for advanced performers.

The search for an experienced recorder teacher can be difficult, so why not leave it to Tavistock Tutors? By using one of our carefully selected instrumental tutors, you’ll get a get a quality recorder teacher who you can be sure to enjoy learning with.

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We spend time carefully selecting your tutor to ensure that we find the perfect match. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the tutor selection, we will source another tutor for you, for free!


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