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Tavistock Tutors offer harp tuition in the London area at all levels. One of the oldest instruments in the world, the harp isn’t only taught by our tutors as an orchestral instrument, but as a solo and folk instrument as well. Our harp teachers accommodate students of all levels and ambitions. So, regardless of whether you want to learn the harp for personal enjoyment or to become a professional musician, our skilled and experienced harp teachers will help you progress with this rewarding and time-honoured instrument.

All of our tutors are at the very least grade 8 in their given instrument. People who have mastered an instrument such as the harp are skilled, intelligent and devoted individuals. It is these first-rate performers that we select, knowing that they will deliver only the highest standards of professional coaching. We interview every one of our professional music teachers to ensure this is the case.
Of course, a good harp teacher is not just a good harpist: at Tavistock Tutors, our harp teachers have honed the ability to pass on their expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to their students, something we consider a skill in itself. Our music teachers understand that different students learn at different speeds, so they tailor a student’s tuition to achieve the best progress for that individual musician. At Tavistock Tutors, we are determined that all of our harp teachers have a passion for their instrument which they can foster in their students.

Finding a one-to-one music teacher who fulfils all these aims is not easy to do yourself, particularly with a less common instrument like the harp. Finding a good harp teacher need not be difficult because Tavistock Tutors are committed to finding high-quality music teachers of many instruments, particularly those which are rarer and more difficult to find.

If you choose to learn with one of our private harp teachers in London, you follow an informal course of study put together by you and your teacher. This might be directed at giving you a working knowledge of the instrument, a familiarity with famous and well-loved Celtic music or building up a repertoire of the finest pieces available to the advanced classical harpist.

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learning Harp Teachers

We spend time carefully selecting your tutor to ensure that we find the perfect match. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the tutor selection, we will source another tutor for you, for free!


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