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Munirih J

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

Home Tutoring
Online Tutoring
International Tutoring

£60 /hr


My Experience

Brilliant Stars International Kindergarten and Primary School, Bratislava, 2016
Teacher’s assistant working with students in year 1 – 3.

Paddington Youth Club, London, 2011 – 2014
Ran the Junior Youth Empowerment Program with students aged 11 – 15 weekly.

Transformation for Peace, Summer Program, 2009 – 2015
Ran the Drama Program every summer.

Private Tutoring – English:
Entrance Exams: Highgate 9+ and 11+
Year 2: 1 year working with student with ADHD on spelling, reading and comprehension.
Year 3: 2 years working with student preparing them for 9+ exams, spelling, reading.
Year 4: 1 year tutoring Spanish student that just moved to London and needed extra support
Year 6: 3 years tutoring student with learning disabilities, preparing them for 11+ exams.
Year 7: 1 year working on students creative writing skills.
Adult: 6 months working with student practicing communication skills for job interviews.
Private Tutoring – Violin
6 year old: Taught correct posturing, music theory and simple pieces.
10 year old: Prepared student for a number of big solo performances as well as extra help on orchestral prices.
Royal Holloway Student: Helped prepare for university and master program entrance exams.
Adult: Beginner

Private Tutoring – Drama
GCSE & A Level Drama
Helped a number of students prepare for Drama School Entrance auditions as well as general film/tv /theatre audition preparation.
Script analysis employing a number of different techniques.
Accent & Dialect Coaching

Subjects I teach

English (Ks1, Ks2, 7+, 9+, 11+)
Drama (GCSE, A Level, IB, Drama School Entrance Exams)
Violin (Beginner to Grade 8)

My Qualifications

Ivana Chubbuck Studio: 2014 – 2016
Drama School – Acting for Screen Program

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London: 2011 – 2014 – LLB Law
Grade: 1st Class Degree (Hons)
Legally Qualifying Degree

Gratz University of Music and the Performing Arts, Austria: 2006-2011
Pre-BA Instrumental Studies (Violin)

British International School Bratislava, Slovakia: 2006 – 2011
International Baccalaureate
38 Points (Higher English / Geography / Film Studies)

My Approach to Private Tuition

Having been a dyslexic child myself I have realised that whatever your level of abilities, with the right training, many hours of hard work and encouragement anyone can achieve excellence in the their given field. 

I tailor my teaching style to suit the tutee’s specific needs and make sure that I am always supplementing the student’s education at school/university. I work with the student to make a clear plan with set goals so that there is structure to the student’s learning. However I am equally flexible and do my best to assist the tutee in whatever way they need. Ultimately learning is most effective when fun, creative and engaging!

Fun fact

I interned for the United Nations and met President Barak Obama.