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George C

I am the eldest of five and have always enjoyed guiding my younger siblings and sharing in their exploration and discovery of the different environments we encountered in our childhood. I have volunteered in a number of educational settings including a primary school and a school for the deaf. I have worked as an independent tutor both privately and at my former school. I enjoyed all of these experiences immensely, in particular recognising the different needs of those I was teaching and varying my approach accordingly.

Roza V

I have always been passionate about knowledge – whether this involves acquiring it myself, or teaching others. I also enjoy helping others understand concepts and subjects that I have knowledge of myself. For these reasons, this tutoring position is a truly exciting one for me, especially because I get to meet and teach many students in the subjects of their choice!

Sophie P

I am passionate about many academic subjects. I have been lucky enough to study art history, work as a lawyer in Dubai, Cairo, London, Spain and France and do a Masters in Middle East Politics. I currently as a lawyer at a human rights organisation. I was originally inspired to tutor by an experience helping a colleague with the GDL and seeing how much it helped her, and by my passion for and interest in all these different subjects. I hope to be able to pass on to students this passion through creative methods of learning, tapping into whatever techniques work for them. For example, when recently helping someone with their politics undergraduate degree, I worked with their interest in rap and rhythm to help them to remember the key points for an essay they were preparing for.

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