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Rosemary S

Having myself been diagnosed with dyslexia, I understand the need to develop a specific learning plan tailored to an individual. I believe that creating a positive, inspirational and creative learning environment is hugely beneficial for all. It allows children to become independent learners and build on their skills and confidence. I always bring humour, energy, and enthusiasm to my sessions and I am used to using a multi-sensory approach

I believe learning is a key part of life and you should never stop. I am consistently undertaking new courses and I am always delighted in how much I learn through my students and their family. I have created long term relationships with my students and their families and I am always thrilled to hear their progress and new stories.

Kiran S

Whilst at university, I mentored many A-Level students and helped them in pursuing their goals. After graduating, I decided to enter the world of tutoring and positively impact the lives of many young individuals. Given my exceptional performance in Economics previously, I decided to teach a subject which I’m highly passionate about. Over the years, I have helped students move up from an E to achieving a B in A-Level Economics.

Roza V

I have always been passionate about knowledge – whether this involves acquiring it myself, or teaching others. I also enjoy helping others understand concepts and subjects that I have knowledge of myself. For these reasons, this tutoring position is a truly exciting one for me, especially because I get to meet and teach many students in the subjects of their choice!

Sophie P

I am passionate about many academic subjects. I have been lucky enough to study art history, work as a lawyer in Dubai, Cairo, London, Spain and France and do a Masters in Middle East Politics. I currently as a lawyer at a human rights organisation. I was originally inspired to tutor by an experience helping a colleague with the GDL and seeing how much it helped her, and by my passion for and interest in all these different subjects. I hope to be able to pass on to students this passion through creative methods of learning, tapping into whatever techniques work for them. For example, when recently helping someone with their politics undergraduate degree, I worked with their interest in rap and rhythm to help them to remember the key points for an essay they were preparing for.

Annalisa G

Working as a tutor I combine my passion for working with people and my own academic achievement to help others reach their full academic potential. I believe that understanding the student is key to being a good tutor. By knowing how the student thinks and acknowledging their personality traits, I tailor my tutoring method to suit the specific needs and strengths of the student. This really helps the student find their own academic voice and confidence that will guide them through their studies. I like to share my enthusiasm for learning with the student always aiming inspire interest and academic curiosity through engaging activities and bringing the subject to life.

Lorna M

I am passionate about supporting children to reach their full potential. I see every child as an individual and endeavor to engage and motivate each child to instill a long life love for learning. Each child has their own unique strengths, learning styles, interest and sense of creativity and it is this that I keep in mind when planning the lessons for the children that I teach. I feel it is important to connect what the student is learning to real life situations and enable them to see the interdisciplinary nature of all subjects.

Learning challenging concepts or studying for exams can be a stress full time for children. This can have an impact on their self confidence, their ability to focus and health as a whole. I bring my expertise in mindfulness to help each child navigate these challenges with a sense of comfort and ease.

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