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Rosemary S

Having myself been diagnosed with dyslexia, I understand the need to develop a specific learning plan tailored to an individual. I believe that creating a positive, inspirational and creative learning environment is hugely beneficial for all. It allows children to become independent learners and build on their skills and confidence. I always bring humour, energy, and enthusiasm to my sessions and I am used to using a multi-sensory approach

I believe learning is a key part of life and you should never stop. I am consistently undertaking new courses and I am always delighted in how much I learn through my students and their family. I have created long term relationships with my students and their families and I am always thrilled to hear their progress and new stories.

Kiran S

Whilst at university, I mentored many A-Level students and helped them in pursuing their goals. After graduating, I decided to enter the world of tutoring and positively impact the lives of many young individuals. Given my exceptional performance in Economics previously, I decided to teach a subject which I’m highly passionate about. Over the years, I have helped students move up from an E to achieving a B in A-Level Economics.

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