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My Experience

Graduate level: tutored undergraduate in sociology
A-level: taught all major exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR) to students in History, Politics, Philosophy, RS, and Economics
Mentored several students for Oxbridge applications
Taught common entrance English, History, and RS and prepared students for entry to Wellington, Harrow, Rugby, Wycombe Abbey, and other top schools.

Subjects I teach

Up to undergraduate:
History, Politics, Philosophy, Religious Studies/Theology, Sociology
Up to A-level:
English, Economics, Business Studies
11+, 13+, and common entrance

My Qualifications

Graduate (Oxford University):
BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (2:1)
A-Level (The Marlborough School):
Economics A* 
History A 
Philosophy A
GCSE (The Marlborough School) 
Mathematics A 
English Language A*
 English Literature A 
Geography A*
 German A 
Latin A*
 Physics A* 
Chemistry A 
Biology A* 
Food Technology B

My Passion And How I Inspire

I believe that the most important virtue in a tutor is the ability to empathise with a student’s cognitive position. When teaching I guide a student through the mental steps needed to accomplish the goal of the lesson.

I typically spend much of a lesson in dialogue with the student. I break this up with exercises to embed and reinforce key points, but I always end the lesson with a call to reflection on what the student has learned. I emphasise that knowledge is open-ended and interconnected.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I lived on four continents in 2017!

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