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My Experience

I taught in independent schools in the UK: Oundle and Ampleforth. I taught in British schools abroad. I have been a private tutor since 2013.


From Anne Marie

“George Callaghan tutored my son for six months in 2017, during which time he was always punctual and polite. George tutored all the main subjects and is especially good at English and History. He made these subjects fun, even writing some stories to amuse my son. George occasionally tutored my daughter but that was not his main duty because she was too young to be the right sort of student for him.

Twice I left George in charge of Raphael overnight and that went well. George also had other duties, such as driving him around at times. He took him to the swimming pool and they played table tennis.

George is great. I recommend him highly. The only thing is he needs to work on is his handwriting (sometimes).”

Subjects I teach

Pre-university preparation: Law
A level: History, Government and Politics, Religious Studies, Classical Civilisation, English
GCSE: History, RS, French, Geography, Classical Civilisation, English Lang, English Lit
13+ : everything
11+ : everything

My Qualifications

MA Linguistics University of Limerick
LLB University of London
MA History Oxford University 2:1. Master’s scholar
Standing Committee of the Oxford Union
Debated for Oxford
CELTA Cambridge University
TEFL Global English College
Post Graduate Diploma London School of Journalism
Examiner in English language oral
A levels (Eton) History, Religious Studies, English and General Studies AABB

My International Placements

I worked in Romania, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, the UAE, China, Italy, France, Switzerland and on a yacht in the Adriatic.

My Passion And How I Inspire

I have always been utterly passionate about history in particular and the humanities in general. I am very inquisitive and cosmopolitan. I am a verbomane and a bibliomane. I find it incredibly reward to pass my enthusiams on to my pupils and to see them make rapid progress.

Fun fact

I was on University Challenge. I have been to 94 countries. I speak seven languages.

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