Tavistock connected me with a family who lived in the beautiful city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in order to help them make a smooth transition into the UK by helping their children to gain entrance and excel in a British School.


My pupils were both boys, one of whom was 12 years of age and the other 14. The parents left me to my own devices and I was able to take the boys out on day trips and continue learning in slightly less formal environments like a classroom or an office: this is where the experience was most rewarding and probably where my teaching proved most effective. We went to the beach for one geography lesson about tides and to an enormous shopping centre for one about human geography.


Of course, on top of this, we had ample time to blitz Maths and bring their written and spoken English up to a level sufficient for English pupils of their age. I was thrilled when I heard that they both gained entrance into the same school (the one they wanted!) and recently caught up with the family, happily settled in, in London last month.


All in all, these residential experiences are what make being a tutor worth it: an amazing personal and professional experience rolled into one six month period!


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