I taught two brothers in Singapore over a period of six months. My main task was improving their English, but what was so great about the experience was the freedom that Tavistock Tutors and the family afforded me in the form of their learning: if I noticed that there was a relevant or interesting museum exhibition, then after morning classes, I would take the lads out with me and I was able to prepare a whole lesson around what we saw and the discussion that ensued from it.


This really is the reason why residential tutoring is so great: a short 1-hour tutorial can be restricting and frustrating, as it doesn’t allow you the time to explore in depth or beyond the curriculum. Things with the two boys were completely different: I was always able to keep things fresh, engaging, dynamic and interesting. Needless to say, the boys’ English improved tremendously.


At the start of my stay, they could barely sustain a conversation, whereas by the end, they were running them! Tutors, students and parents alike: consider a residential tutor as it really does make an enormous difference.


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