Subjects I teach

Government & Politics
Test Preparation (SAT, GRE, GMAT, UKCAT, LSAT)

Main Residence

I live in Lewisham, London’s newest gentrification hotspot, where the train connects me easily to any areas of the metropolis outside of cycling distance.

Places I have Travelled To

I have taught, both as a tutor and as a university professor, in Tallahassee, FL (5 years) and in London (5 years). During that time, I also travelled extensively, to countries as diverse as Morocco, Russia, India and Bolivia. My travels, as well as my experience working for a major test preparation company, have put me in contact with people from a wide variety of social, economic, religious and ethnic backgrounds, and it has been my privilege to find ways to connect and communicate with students across these divides.

My Experience

My work for Florida State University and Eckerd College involved designing and leading courses in Comparative Politics and International Relations, both at the introductory and advanced levels, while also teaching test preparation courses for students seeking to enter US graduate programmes. I have experience leading large lecture-based classes of over 200 students, but I excel at small-scale seminars and individual tuition, where my easy rapport and enthusiasm can ignite my students’ passion for learning.

My Qualifications

PhD in Political Science, Florida State University (2011)
MSc in Political Science, Florida State University (2006)
University Fellow, Florida State University (2004-2005)
BA in Literature and Theatre, New College of Florida (2001)

Locations Travelled

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My Approach to Private Tuition

Tutoring is more than simply transmitting knowledge; it involves connecting with students, giving them a way into otherwise abstruse and difficult materials, developing intellectual tools for them to use to deepen their understanding even once official tutoring has finished.  I do this through story-telling: using the innately human capacity to learn through narrative to present students with ways of questioning, probing and eventually comprehending the logic underlying maths, or grammar, or even politics.  This done, students are then able to take control of their own learning.  The goal is an equal partnership between student and tutor, dedicated to subject mastery.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

For three months before starting graduate school in 2004, I travelled throughout the eastern USA with a touring company, presenting bi-lingual versions of Cervantes’ ‘Don Quixote de La Mancha‘ and Rostand’s ‘Cyrano de Bergerac.’  At one point, in Washington DC, we had an audience of 1,000 people!