Tavistock matched me with a boy in Mumbai who was applying to study PPE at Oxbridge and asked for several weeks help last year.


I had fortunately had a lot of experience in preparing students for these interviews, helping five achieve a place since I myself graduated from Jesus College, Oxford, four years ago. These interviews are notoriously difficult, especially for such a prestigious subject as PPE, which is renowned for its breadth of field more than anything else.


On the first day I got out there, I was met at the airport and we did a little mock interview in the car on the way to his house (which was more like a palace!). Straight away, we were able to identify points of weakness and development and we drew up a strategy, based around wider reading and interview technique, which we slowly but surely worked through in the ensuing weeks.


On average, we would work for roughly three hours a day and this was fit entirely around his other school work or extracurricular activities, which gave me plenty of time to explore the city myself (I was even given my own chauffeur!). I ended up having the most incredible time and I got on extraordinarily well with my pupil, who, in case you were wondering, is currently enjoying his preliminary examinations in St John’s College, Oxford!

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