I tutored two children, aged 13 and 14, in Moscow for a whole year. I think Tavistock matched us because of my Russian abilities, which meant that it was easier to communicate with the two boys (whose English was already more than proficient) on more complex matters, especially in science! We allocated three hours per week on English speaking and I also coached them tennis and squash twice a week. It was an incredibly rewarding experience; every day was different and it was an amazing insight into a culture that is completely different to our own. I had been to Russia twice before, but living in this sort of family set up in the most glamorous of surroundings was quite special. What’s more, I was able to really focus in on the boys’ learning and we were able to make extraordinary progress in the year that we spent together. Suffice is to say that both boys’ English was good enough by the end to help secure them both places at a top English private school, which was the best possible outcome for both myself and the family. For any tutoring considering a residential position: go for it, you won’t regret it. It gives you the sort of intellectual and academic freedom that every teacher really wants: you can finally get back to the basics of learning and take education in a really interesting direction.
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