My family out in Russia were looking for a native English speaker who could completely take care of all aspects of their son’s education: homework, coordination with school teachers, extra tuition, improving his reading, writing and speaking (in English and Russian), developing social skills along with studying techniques. I even ended up as a sports coach on Saturday afternoons! It was a thorough schedule, but one which proved greatly rewarding. I was able to facilitate the most enriching intellectual development for this young boy, guiding his reading ad studying, which made me more of a mentor than anything else. The great thing about these residential positions is that you get to know the pupil so well that you completely understand how they think, which means that you’re in the best possible position to create a learning program that fits them perfectly. Of course, you get days off, which were always fantastic: I loved Moscow- it’s a weird place but I’d always want to go back if I get the chance. Overall, I couldn’t recommend the program to parents, pupils and tutors alike.
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