The fantastic thing about these residential tutoring schemes is the fact that a tutor can potentially work with a whole family while they’re on holiday. I ended up tutoring three kids, aged from 9 to 12, for several months, mainly with a focus on pre-examination preparation for top UK schools (which is my particular area of expertise).


The hours we had arranged were mostly flexible and I would be on hand as and when-fitting in our allotted time in between family activities and relaxation time. Sometimes we would run exercises all as a group, which proved particularly effective, but the tutoring was specifically tailored on a one-to-one basis for each child’s specific needs and goals.


It was also a real pleasure to have the parents in the vicinity: they were happy to have a little downtime themselves while the children were studying, but they were also pleased to be kept regularly updated on how they were getting on: having a tutor out there with you can be a really effective way of staying completely up to date with your child’s learning.


For me, the experience was fantastic: I greatly enjoyed Monaco and travelling around in the sea, and I found the experience a greatly rewarding one professionally. I’m pleased to say that all the children achieved the places that they were after, which was thrilling for the family and myself alike.


I really can’t recommend this scheme enough for anyone looking for a bit of extra help abroad.

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